Audit Goes On: Democrats Fighting Lawful Hand Audit Of 2020 Presidential Election Still


A judge in Arizona on Friday ordered a temporary pause in an extensive effort to recount ballots from the November election hours after the process began, citing concerns about whether a private vendor hired to review nearly 2.1 million ballots cast in the state’s largest county is complying with state laws governing election security.

“Biden won Arizona by a mere 10,457 votes over President Donald J Trump,” reported the New York Times.

Democrats do not want any transparency on the ballots, the counting system or the election in general, so they are buying themselves some time.

Watch the audit here.

Elderly Katie Hobbs, a white radical liberal and member of Marxist Black Lives Matter identifies herself as ” Social worker•mom•wife•Arizona’s Secretary of State•she/her•#BLM., that she doesn’t want transparency because everyone is a “conspiracy theorist”.

The local leftist media was was ready to fight and starting propagandizing about the color of the markers.

The already infamous Arizona Senate audit kicks off today, as Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots and its voting machines now are in the eager hands of Trump ninjas.

Who promptly began their audit of our ballots armed with blue pens (a big no-no, as any Arizona election expert would know.)

During a press conference on Thursday, reporters weren’t allowed to ask the head auditor, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, about his previous tweets promoting the Stop the Steal movement.

“A judge ordered the Arizona Senate to “pause” its recount of Maricopa County’s general election ballots, effective at 5 p.m. Friday.

The county delivered all 2.1 million ballots to the Senate’s custody at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Thursday for the unprecedented recount, which was set to begin Friday morning.

But in a last-minute lawsuit, the Arizona Democratic Party and County Supervisor Steve Gallardo argued the process violates state election law in numerous ways. The lawsuit argues, for example, the Senate has not set up proper security to protect ballots, voting machines and voter information.

Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury said he wants to ensure the recount fully complies with Arizona law and asked for more information by Monday morning on the audit’s policies and procedures.

If Gallardo or the Democratic Party post a $1 million bond, the audit will be paused at 5 p.m., he said.”

The existence of the blue pens on the floor was reported by an Arizona Republic reporter who was an observer at the coliseum.

Desai also pointed to an episode the previous evening when officials tried to lock some reporters out of a press conference about the recount. Those reporters looked for a way into the building and found an unlocked door into the building where all of Maricopa County’s ballots are now stored.

“There are no safeguards in place. There is no proper training,” Desai argued.


The audit will go on and Trump released a statement.

“Why are Democrats so desperate to stop this Election Fraud from being revealed? That answer is obvious! The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has been shockingly of zero help to State Senate. He wants to ‘pretend’ election was free and fair.”


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This story is will be developing all weekend…

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