Democrats Freak Out In With Rage Ohio Over Bill That Will Protect Women In Women’s Sports [VIDEO]


Democrats in the Ohio legislature were rage-filled over a Republican-led bill to protect women in women’s sports.

“Save Women’s Sports Act,” is similar to legislation introduced in dozens of state legislatures this year. That bill, however, has been stuck in committee. This amendment, if accepted, would bypass that process and introduce the controversial ban as part of a separate bill that has broad bipartisan support.

“Unfair,” yelled Democratic Rep. Michael Skindell when the bill was introduced.


“Ohio Rep. Jena Powell offers an amendment to add a bill banning transgender girls from female sports teams to the name, image, likeness bill. A wild moment in the House, with Democrats pounding on desks and yelling “point of order.”

Skindell is a champion of LGBTQ causes.

According to his site,

“State. Rep. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) reintroduced the Ohio Fairness Act, bipartisan legislation that would protect LGBTQ+ Ohioans from discrimination in employment, housing and accommodations. Rep. Skindell has sponsored or co-sponsored versions of the Ohio Fairness Act every legislative session since 2003.”

Fox News reported the chaos Skindell caused:

Chaos erupted on the Ohio House floor when a Republican proposed an amendment that would ban transgender women from participating in women’s sports, with Democrats shouting “point of order!” and banging on the desks, while at least one repeatedly shouts “boo.”

Still, the amendment passed 54-40. GOP Rep. Jena Powell had proposed the addition to a bill that would allow college athletes to make money off their name, image, and likeness in the state. The bill itself passed the Ohio House 57-36, and will now be sent back to the Senate to vote on the amended legislation.

“It is crucial to preserving the integrity of women’s rights and women’s and girl’s sports,” Powell said over the din of the Democratic outcry

Local Fox News reported on details:


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The floor of the Ohio House of Representatives erupted in outrage and heated debate Thursday night just moments before the chamber was set to vote on a bill that would allow NCAA athletes to earn money from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The reason? At the last moment, Republican Jenna Powell (R – Arcanum) introduced an amendment to the bill that would ban transgender girls from competing in high school athletics.

The amendment passed in a vote of 54-40 and was added to the bill. A short time later, the bill itself passed in a 57-36 vote. The NIL bill, which originally passed the Ohio Senate in a unanimous vote, will now return to the chamber for additional debate on the new amendment and a second vote to concur (or not) with the new House version. From there, the question of whether it makes its way to the governor’s desk depends on what the Senate decides.

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