Greenwald Goes Off: “David Brock, one of the scummiest and sleaziest creatures ever to emerge from the festering sewers of DC”

How is Media Matters Not Under Investgation?


Media Matters is one of the propaganda arms of Progressive David Brock’s Election Empire, working as a Grassroots Marketing Platform to promote the progressive left.  Brock’s propaganda machines attack both journalists who cover the news with an objective eye and discredit Americans through slanted news and activism.

“It’s just my considered and carefully cultivated view of Media Matters developed over the course of studying their bacterial growth under a microscope for more than a decade,” posted Glenn Greenwald on Twitter in a recent Twitter rant.

Grassroots Marketing Platforms, like Brock, have perfected are really about messaging, branding, and PR for political campaigns. The technique was perfected during Obama’s first election.

Greenwald is a liberal and a journalist who attempts to cover news items with more integrity than most. He really does not like David Brock’s Media Matters.

In a discussion about how sleazy former President George W. Bush is, Greenwald chimed in about Media Matters.

Bush has come out saying he would work with the Koch Bother’s Grassroots Marketing Platforms to shift public opinion toward Open Borders, something Bush and Koch have pushed for decades, loving the cheap labor and disruption to Conservatives movements.

Brock has made a lot of money as a progressive with numerous opposition firms, connecting the donor class and foreign agents to the furthest left political creatures in the United States who seek power and control over Americans. Now that Democrats are in charge, curious details about Brock’s financing of the left are emerging. Here a connection to big-money donors through Brock ends up at Biden’s camp.

A funder of Elizabeth Warren donates to Brock, who ran a pack to fund Biden with money made from Chinese stock options.


From April 2020, as reported in  Liberty Unyielding:

[Ed. – Using foreign money to sway an election? The Democrats used to consider that a crime worthy of a 3-years-long investigation.]

American Bridge, an opposition research group founded by liberal operative David Brock, reported the receipt of the 450 shares in late 2018, a gift that was disclosed in its latest tax filings. The multinational internet services company acts as China’s Google and operates under a degree of state party control. The gift was valued at $101,037, according to the organization’s Form 990. It is unclear whether the group sold the stock or opted to retain it in the hope share prices would rise.

American Bridge did not respond to a request for comment.

Brock’s group is preparing to spend at least $50 million against Trump. The nonprofit’s sister group, the American Bridge PAC, recently partnered with the pro-Biden super PAC to form a $175 million joint venture. The PAC has already poured seven figures into the 2020 elections.


Grassroots Marketing Platforms elevate politicians with media and activists, sometimes real and sometimes not so real. For deeper reading on the use of Grassroots Marketing Platforms like Brock’s Media Matters, consider the following articles.

According to The Nation, in 2017:


“Donald Trump’s inauguration has sparked rallies in defense of Medicare and Medicaid, women’s marches across the country protests against mass deportations, and more. Brock, meanwhile, is using the occasion to convene over 100 deep-pocketed Democratic Party donors to a weekend retreat at Miami’s Turnberry Isle resort for a “Democracy Matters 17” conference. It will be three days of strategy sessions to bolster his multimillion-dollar nonprofit political machine.

Brock’s empire, including Media Matters, American Bridge, ShareBlue, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, served as a hit squad for the Clinton campaign last year. Now that Clinton has lost, Brock is retooling his machine to lead the attack on all things Trump. “We really aspire to be like the Kochs,” he explained, referring to the circle of ultra-wealthy right-wing donors convened by the notorious Koch brothers.”

So the left has Media Matters, and the Center-Left has Koch Brothers, and the right is barely allowed to post on their Facebook pages and talk about their feelings. Does that explain Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now?

Digital marketing is campaigns, and the shift in print and TV media to shape public opinion and drive propaganda is a serious problem in the United States.

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