Huge! WI Names A Special Counsel To Investigate 2020 Election- [Tons Of Election Links]

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos named a ‘Special Counsel’ Friday; he also announced his team is altering plans in the independent investigation into the 2020 presidential election. A building crisis is happening around the country; Wisconsin makes the first move to start the quest.

“We have an election crisis on the horizon,” Judicial Watch said in a released statement.

Recall-In WI there was government corruption,  and it was called out in an early lawsuit against Dane County and Scott McDonell, in his official capacity as Dane County Clerk.

The complaint was over a March 25, 2020 Facebook post regarding the proper use of “indefinitely confined” status for voters requesting an absentee ballot.

McDonnell’s post indicated that all Dane County voters could declare themselves to be “indefinitely confined” under Wis. Stat. § 6.86(2) due to illness solely because of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Emergency Order #12 (the Safer at Home Order) and difficulties in presenting or uploading a valid proof of identification, thereby avoiding the legal requirement to present or upload a copy of the voter’s proof of identification when requesting an absentee ballot.

WI state assembly has been escalating their calls for investigations.

Key Point: There are two types of inspections of the suspicious 2020 Presidental election happening in states around the country.  One type is happening, as I have covered in North Carolina and Michigan with attempted inspection of machines that tabulated in-person votes and counted absentee ballots, and a different kind of inspection, as in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin, with an examination of the ballots themselves, both in-person and absentee ballots.


“35% of Democrats are suspicious too,” Mike Lindell, the host of an upcoming cyber symposium into the election, said.

A group of notable scientists compiled data proving that the media’s narrative about the election results was faulty.

Evidence has emerged which shows significant collaboration between social media executives and technology companies, were involved in different schemes to affect the vote.


On Friday, it was announced that Wisconsin will elevate their investigation using the Special Counsel, which is the first escalation of that type.

NBC 15 reported on the Special Counsel: 

The investigation is part of the Republican response to former President Donald Trump’s narrow loss in Wisconsin. Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is conducting the probe, who Vos plans to pay $44,000 to spearhead.

“To restore full integrity and trust in elections, we have decided to change direction, giving more authority and independence to Justice Gableman. I am declaring him Special Counsel and am giving him the authority to hire more full-time investigators who will work at his direction.”

Vos also planned in May to hire three retired police officers to review the election, who would be paid $3,200 a month to investigate ‘potential irregularities and/or illegalities’ in the 2020 presidential election.

Bottom line:  WI is leading the way into election transparency using a special counsel to investigate. The majority of Americans do not trust the results of the election, and they want an audit, and they want the issue resolved.  Democrats are pushing to further loosen voting rights laws to include people in the country illegally, and COVID restrictions- which were used as a cover ballot harvesting-are coming back before the 2022 election.

At the same time, Democrat Boden’s DOJ has demanded that States Stop seeking election transparency, and strange things are happening with Get Out The Vote (COTV)  measures in critical states like North Carolina, including Stacey Abrams. Abrams was a key figure in Ballot Harvesting in the 2020 Presidential election and the special run-off in Georgia in 2020.

Going down a Rabbit hole:

Democrat Biden administration is pushing more and more restrictions as audits start to finish up in Arizona and begin to form in North Carolina and are going to the next level in Wisconsin.

The majority of Americans are seeing the connection between government demands and Americans seeking liberty.

Big Tech has suspended accounts that are covering the stories of the audits.


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