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Lindell Tells Bannon That New Movie, Absolute Interference, Is ‘The Smoking Gun’ Evidence

Mike Lindell announced his second movie in a series on Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential election called Absolute Interference on War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon. Bannon asked some thoughtful questions and pushed Lindell to be very clear about his film project, the companion documentary, to Absolute proof. Lindell claims will prove that the 2020 election was interfered with by the Chinese Community Party in China.

“Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, says his new film proves that foreign adversaries hacked the election,” Bannon said.

The two had a rousing, hour-long discussion Friday, with Lindell revealing updates about his projects and Bannon pushing for claims that could be validated.

Lindell described his forthcoming movie:

“We focused on two things in the second movie, the history of Dominion and corruption and how they flipped Venezuela to Communism in two years; look at where we are two months after the election, and we have validated the ID of the computer and IP addresses both here and in China. You have to see this one guy who showed me data on each country, starting in Pennsylvania, where he was hired to look at a race there. When he dug into that by looking at the voting reporting, he remembered seeing some familiar from the 2010 census, and he compared information by counties.  Showing the same patterns, he showed that with  Math, Trump won by 16%,” Lindell told Bannon.


Bannon asked him about the “big reveal” from the first movie and asked  Lindell if the second movie had new experts and showed new proof. “These are acts of cyber proof; we need lots of proof,” Bannon said.

“Yes, new people. Technical experts had to go and validate IP addresses.  We have two whistleblowers in disguise.  I will tell you one was with the Senate runoff in GA.  In that case, we had a guy with burner phones with hotspots.  A citizen got a device to find an IP address, and he went into the election area with his devices and found the IP address.  We know who did it, the conversations that they had, we have everything.  We proved there was an attack on our country.  100% absolute proof, and it matches up with other patterns and algorithms in different states,  We are dropping a one-hour version of this information on Wend or Thursday, and it fits like a glove with foreign interference,” Lindell told Bannon.


Bannon reminded people that Dominion disputes Lindell’s claims and says that election data doesn’t cross county lines.  Lindell is claiming that their data crossed international lines.

“You have tripled down with your new movie, even after all the threats of lawsuits, so you really believe you have something,” Bannon said.

“Yes.  It will come out later in the week on Lindell. TV, then later in the following week, more will come out.  We are trying to line the release up with the kickstart to our new site, Frank,” Lindell said.

Lindell claims people will need to turn themselves in.

“It is so detailed that I may only be able to tell people to turn themselves in; I don’t know what to tell these people. The truth is here, and when it comes out, with the new platform, we are going to dump evidence every day for 6 weeks and make Wiki Leaks look like tinger toys. This was a Communist plot,” Lindell said.


Bannon asked, “are there Dominion Whistleblowers in your movie?”

Lindell replied::They are whistleblowers, can’t say if they worked for Dominion or not. ”

Bannon pushed further on the whistleblower point, and Lindell relented, “we have some who worked for Dominion.”

Bannon pushed again, “The Supreme Court has shown that they do not want to be involved.”

Lindell responded: “What we have is evidence not shown to a court anywhere or talked about anywhere; it is the foreign interference, what foreign countries like China use machines to attack the country. The Supreme Court has never seen this yet. This is the smoking gun evidence. ”

“100% the Communist Party was a part of this with Dominion and Smartmatic. They are making deals. They go back to Venezuela, pay to play,” Lindell said.


Bannon told his audience, “Lindell has bet everything on getting to the bottom of Nov. 3, with his new film”.  Bannon reminded people again, for the third time, that Dominion says there is no connection to the internet from their voting machines.

“This is a crime and a National security crisis, so have you told the FBI, homeland security, and appropriate offices?” Bannon asked.

“We are going to investigate all of those people. I want to get this to the Supreme Court and get this election pulled down. I hired private investigations to go back in time to show all of these things and who is behind all of this.  Then we want to turn all the criminals into the right people. Every rat is going to be brought to justice. The second part is that we need justice against Republicans and Democrats,” Lindell said.


Bannon moved in for clarification: “You mentioned that you want to get this election pulled down- is it your plan that you will get standing to contest the election, or is this for work like new voters bills as things move forward, like what Kemp did? ”

Lindell clarified: “I want the election to go bye-bye; Donald Trump will be back in the office in August.”

“Do you have lawyers that have told you that with your evidence that you are about to show, that it will give you standing and that you will reverse the election?” Bannon asked.

“Yes, The lawyers told me that, yes.  The August part is what I came up with,” Lindell answered.

“There is no statute of limitations on a crime of this magnitude. There were no elections; it was a crime,” Lindell told Bannon.  “I am telling you that between April and May when the election gets pulled down, we have cyber footprints; we don’t need a new election. Trump will be re-seated.”

“We will have a great uniting in the country because traditional Democrats don’t want this,” Lindell said.

“Will you show evidence that Trump got 80 million votes and Biden got a little less than 60 Million?” Bannon asked.

“Yes. Trump got a little less than 80 million, and Biden got a little more than 60,” Lindell answered.

“You are going to see the same algorithms around the whole country. It was set nationally, locally.  Do you know how many down tickets were flipped? For example, John James won in Michigan,” Lindell said.

“Are you going to argue that all machines have to come out, and we need to get back to hand-counting?” Bannon asked,

“Yes. We need to destroy all machines in elections that go online.  We want to recall some bad apples.  You have to recount those.  Then they worry about hand-counting, so we need to get rid of machines,” Lindell said.


Bannon asked about the timeline for the movie again.

“The movie will come out when Frank comes out.  Go to  Frankspeech is youtube and Twitter together, but one that is safe and secure.  We have all of our own servers. No one can take it down. All of the influencers are coming over,” Lindell said.

Until then, go to LindellTV.Com and watch Absolute Proof and Go to Frank Speech for Updates.