Reports Show We Are Being Duped, 2021, Year When Globe United In Vaccine Hesitancy And Media Censorship

A powerful collaboration of political authorities around the world has determined that human beings, whom they govern, are not allowed to see data and information about the mysterious COVID virus or the decision-making process that allows these powerful people to lock up and enslave people in the name of ‘medical safety.  A new report on Thursday strikes a blow to the narrative that any of these people are serving humanity, or even telling the truth.

Key Point: Governments around the world, including the United States are currently using the “Omicron variant of COVID” as leverage to dominate and control their populations, and there is evidence their reasoning is a manipulation of data.

Here is the proof:

New report from the Robert Koch Insitute—Germany’s CDC—shows that over 95% of Omicron cases are in fully-vaccinated persons. Currently, approximately 71% of the population of Germany is fully-vaccinated.

And their media is not covering up for the manipulations, as one magazine reported that the push for lockdowns is manipulated:

“Especially when it comes to tougher measures and lockdowns, the editorial team develops a tendency to evaluate beyond direct scientific evidence.”

Disclose. TV sourced the information to Tim Rohn, another independent journalist:

Germany is becoming a flashpoint on the world stage against the COVID measures and now the information is seeping into people’s social media feeds, against the censorship tactics, that the German people were likely correct about their suspicions.

“Data from Robert Koch Institute shows only 4% of Omicron cases coming from the 30% of the country which is unvaccinated. In other words, not being vaccinated has 87% efficacy against infection in Germany, using the same calculation that vaccine advocates have employed,” a poster on Twitter, who analyzes data, wrote along with a graph showing the accompanying data for Germany Omicron Cases by Vaccination Status. 

This news comes at the same time both Hong Kong and the United States have seen draconian censorship of reporters who might inform their people of their own government’s COVID inaccuracies.

In Hong Kong, reporters were arrested:

In the United States people are frequently banned from social media for going against the establishment:

Just The News reported on the social media censorship of Dr. Robert Malone:

Twitter bans mRNA vaccine pioneer-turned-critic. His response? ‘Constant clown show’:

Social media censorship ramps up against perceived threats to COVID-19 narratives. Fact-checker set up straw man to deem mask article false, author claims.

A social media purge may be accelerating against reporting and commentary perceived at odds with conventional storylines on COVID-19.

Tom Fitton,  the President of Judicial Watch who was censored earlier in the week, continues to report that he believes people are being pushed to over-vaccinate, citing a Daily Mail article.


From the daily mail article:

EXCLUSIVE: Are we on the brink of OVER-vaccinating in the fight against Covid? Experts warn dishing out fourth jabs in spring may be unnecessary – and Omicron may be world’s ‘natural’ vaccine that finally ends pandemic

  • UK should hold off on a new booster and the wait for data on long term impact of current jabs, experts say
  • Scientists say giving a booster every 3 months not feasible, and may not improve immunity significantly
  • Some claim Omicron is now a ‘natural vaccine’, but one expert poured cold water on idea, saying it is ‘bulls***

Obviously, the topic is far from being over. This story is developing…

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