Republican Candidate For Lt. Gov Thrown Into Metal Detector As He Was Being Removed From Meeting

Nevada police officers knock over a metal detector, violently removing a Black Republican from a public meeting and that would usually cause riots in the streets and cause the media to meltdown. However the man is a Republican, a veteran, and he is not supporting the government’s healthcare demands for masks and vaccinations.

At the recent meeting, the man whose name is mack Miller was removed from a meeting, and the footage of that went viral:

Fox News reported that viral videos showed:

GOP Nevada Lt Gov. hopeful has aggressively thrown through metal detector at COVID meeting.

Republican Nevada lieutenant governor candidate said security officer shoved and pushed attendees of the meeting.

A Republican candidate for Nevada’s lieutenant governor was seen on camera being aggressively thrown out of a local government meeting in Las Vegas, where a committee vote declared the spread of COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis.

“Hey, hey, wait a minute. What the hell?” candidate Mack Miller is heard saying in a video he filmed before he was thrown out of the Clark County Commission meeting on Tuesday. He claimed security officers had been “shoving and pushing” people in the meeting.

“Don’t push me, man,” Miller is also heard telling the officers.

Other videos from the meeting have since spread on social media, showing a melee between attendees and security officers.

Miller was eventually pulled from the meeting by security, according to video that shows him being pushed through a metal detector before he lands on his back in the lobby of the building.

“Don’t hurt him, don’t hurt him,” onlookers in the video are heard saying. “What are you doing?”

The incident occurred after protesters denounced a resolution declaring misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines a public health crisis, the Las Vegas Sun reported. Protesters slammed the resolution as infringing on their First Amendment rights, and called it “tyrannical” and “communist,” and at one point chanted  “commies” and “resign” at the commission members.

“During a break in the meetings, a group of attendees became disruptive after one of them was asked by security officers to put on his face mask, in keeping with COVID-19 protocols. Numerous persons became boisterous and it became necessary to clear the room,” director of public communications at Clark County, Erik Pappa, told Fox News on Wednesday.

He added that the incident involving Miller is currently under review by his staff.

Security soon ordered everyone in the room to leave, and the confrontation between Miller and the security officer ensued.

The crowd soon calmed down and was allowed back in the meeting room. The resolution ultimately passed in a 5-2 vote, with commission chairwoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Gibson voting against it.

“For me the difficulty is what we saw here today … people worrying about whether or not they’ll have the right to speak, to dissent, to express opinion, to get into even a real significant public discourse or an argument,” Gibson said, according to the Las Vegas Sun. “When we have to tell them that those rights are not impaired by something we’re doing … we’ve almost already lost the battle.”

Miller’s campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News’s request for comment on the incident.

The following videos show what happened: Mack Miller, an Army Veteran reported from a Commission meeting and was shown clearly being manhandled by police officers. Miller described the scene while he was videotaping during a chaotic few moments where people were heard yelling, and groaning from being pushed.



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