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Despite Media Deception, Trump is Winning According to the Real Numbers and the Law

You’ve been gaslighted by the mainstream news media into thinking that Joe Biden is about to win the 2020 presidential race.  Well, he isn’t, and the media do not call presidential elections.

For example, in Pennsylvania’s Constitution Article II, Section 2 says that “The general election shall be held biennially on the Tuesday next following the first Monday of November in each even-numbered year,” i.e., on one day, and that the legislators of Pennsylvania who voted for a statute that allows vote-counting after that day, “violated their oath by passing an unconstitutional law.”

This issue should be resolved shortly by the US Supreme Court soon under a lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania Republicans who argue that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated a law that the PA legislature passed in 2019 known as Act 77, which stipulates that mail in voting is allowed and that all ballots must be received no later than 8 pm on Election Day evening.  The PA Supreme Court changed that law by giving Democrats and extension of three more days, claiming that ballots that come in after Election Day, but postmarked on or before Election Day will be valid.  The Court also ruled that ballots without a postmark or having an illegible postmark should also be accepted.  The problem here is that the Court did not have the authority to change a law, therefore every ballot accepted after Election Day is invalid.  Yet, Act 77 goes even further, stipulating that if any part of the law is deemed invalid by a court, then the entire law is void.  That means no mail in ballots at all will be valid.

The following is a deceptive representation of where we were all week:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and the rest of the usual Fake News suspects, are saying of Donald Trump‘s speech after the election where he pointed out all of the irregularities, that he provided no evidence. Who would provide evidence during a speech like that? Did they expect him to go out and collect as much as possible before speaking about it. And how can these clowns in the news media claim there is no evidence while they are sitting in a news studio? Does anyone think that Anderson Cooper is going to go out on the street and investigate voter fraud? That’s the news media’s job, isn’t it? Their job is not to make claims of no evidence when they haven’t lifted a finger to prove it either way. This is what America has to live with for news reporting?

When you include electors for Alaska (3), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), and Pennsylvania (20), the map should read Trump 268 and Biden 253, because those states’ counts had been in Trump’s favor consistently for 48 since the polls closed on Election Day.   It wasn’t until the Democratic counters in these states began blocking Republican observers from being able to observe them counting ballots that in the middle of the night bags and boxes of ballots would suddenly appear through the back door with 100% Biden votes just to increase his tally.  The results of election day and mail in ballots that were delivered on or before Election Day, are the only legitimate votes that should be counted.

The only ones left to consider are Arizona’s 11 electors and Nevada’s 6.  If Trump wins either Arizona or Nevada he wins reelection.

Fake news like CNN and MSNBC are being incredibly deceptive when they show electoral maps to make it appear that Biden is way ahead in the lead.  Google did this consistently throughout when you search for “US election results.”  The truth of the matter is Trump is ahead by 15.

This matters for several reasons.  First, because Americans have always been conditioned to believe that the media are using “freedom of the press” to give you honest news.   We have also believed in the press reporting news objectively.

The mainstream media should not have an objective of helping one candidate over the other with deception, manipulation, and outright lies which is what we’re getting today.  American people deserve to know the truth that trump has 268 and Biden has 253.  They shouldn’t have to fight to get the real truth.  They deserve an honest press but it looks like you can’t get that toothpaste back into the tube.

CNN and Fox News should change the numbers back to what they really are, but both network have a vested interest getting rid of Donald Trump. Yes, Fox News is now run by Paul Ryan former speaker of the house after 2016 said during a Republican conference call that he would never support a president trump. and he never did.  Stead, both networks today called the election for Joe Biden.

The media have pushed a narrative that Biden had the momentum throughout Election Day and that he now has won legitimately to try to interfere with the coming litigation. They have been fighting against President Trump and interfering with his  reelection efforts since the day he was first inaugurated.  It wasn’t enough that they interfered in the election, but now they’re trying to interfere in the legal process being sought to right the many wrongs done to President Trump by the Democratic Party and the media.  And don’t forget all the censorship and outright lies against Trump and Trump supporters on social media.

They are creating the false narrative that Trump is trying to steal the election through the courts when he’s actually winning.  That’s how crazy this all has become.

Every American should agree that all legitimately cast votes should be counted, but at the same time they should agree that illegitimate votes should not.  We have a disconnect with Democrats and leftists who violate the basic truth of that agreement because of their hatred for Donald Trump and if they are willing to allow cheating in a presidential election, for any reason whatsoever, they are not worthy of being called a loyal American patriot.