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MICHIGAN WITNESS: I Saw the Detroit Plan to Destroy All Provisional Ballots, Hurt Republicans (VIDEO)

The mysterious witness from the #DetroitLeaks story has decided to go public.

Michigan activist Adam de Angeli has come forward to disclose that he is the whistleblower who gave Big League Politics by intrepid journalist Shane Trejo the #DetroitLeaks story.

He has signed an affidavit under the penalty of perjury of what he witnessed on election day and beyond.

He revealed what they taught poll workers in Detroit, which included various ways they could cheat to give Joe Biden a boost.

Allegedly, they taught them how to hide ballots from Republican observers, how to deal with provisional ballots for Trump by destroying them instead of counting them, and how to cover up voter fraud.

If someone showed up to vote on election day and their name had been used for a mail-in ballot, they would allow them to fill out a provisional ballot, then they threw the provisional ballots away.

According to de Angeli, this was the instruction from City of Detroit worker “Miss Tyra.” 

de Angeli recorded the two training sessions he was in on his phone and they are pure dynamite.

From The Gateway Pundit

These audio recordings were so explosive that the far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Big League/Trejo to demand that they take the letter down, otherwise they would face criminal prosecution! That story was exclusively broken by the Gateway Pundit earlier this month.

de Angeli went through multiple trainings for Detroit Poll Workers and recorded the trainings on his phone. “It occurred to me that something interesting might be said” during the training.

At both trainings, the instructors were proudly telling official Detroit poll workers how to prevent Republican poll challengers from seeing ballots so they could not inspect them, and could not perform their legal duties to prevent voter fraud.

Detroit election security was such a joke, according to de Angeli, the tabulator passwords were taped on the machines and were simply the election date: 11032020. “I assume that was the password on all machines citywide.” In the trainings, he noted that it was obvious that these had been the password used for YEARS. The machines also required a ‘dongle’, an insertable device, along with the password to operate the machines but de Angeli said he felt the level of election security was a JOKE.