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Subpoenas Have Been Sent to Brown and Milwaukee Counties for Forensic Audits

Wisconsin’s Election Committee Chairman Janelle Brandtjen issued subpoenas this morning to Brown and Milwaukee Counties.

Rep Janel Brandtjen, Chairperson of the Election Committee has sent subpoenas to Brown and Milwaukee counties instructing them that there will be a forensic audit in those counties and laying out what materials they are expecting from them. Brown is a Republican stronghold but it included Green Bay and of course Milwaukee County is as liberal as they come. Brandtjen mentions that many voters in Wisconsin are upset and don’t trust the results.

This has been a long time coming and if the audit shows a massive shift in the votes it would prove that Trump actually won Wisconsin. Like other swing states, people have written and signed affidavits of what they saw that was out of the ordinary or outright cheating. The only way to get to the bottom of things and either confirm or deny the results from the 2020 election. There has been no comment from either county but I suspect Milwaukee officials will fight it out in court because the last thing they want is a forensic audit.

From The Gateway Pundit

Today, OANN’s Political Correspondent Christina Bobb reported big news out of Madison, Wisconsin:

I just received confirmation just a few minutes ago that as you mentioned, chairman of the election committee here in the assembly in Wisconsin Janel Brandtjen has issued subpoenas this morning to both Brown County and Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County is obviously where Milwaukee is in Brown County is Green Bay, and she’s heard from many of her constituents and many people around Wisconsin saying that they want an audit and they want to see what’s happening in their elections here in Wisconsin and they just want to take a look and see what happened and so she issued those subpoenas, so it looks like we will see an audit. This is the same approach that Arizona took to subpoena the counties and ask them to turn over the information, and that happened this morning.

Well quite appropriately there is a rally to audit the vote here at the capitol in Wisconsin, we certainly came here to cover the rally and found out that the subpoenas were issued, so maybe it’s fitting maybe the rallies are working, I’m not sure but we will see here in a couple of hours. There are supposed to be a couple of hundred People gathering to ask the assembly and ask the Senate here in Wisconsin to actually take a closer look at the vote. so to Janel Brandtjen will be able to speak and say we delivered the subpoenas this morning we are taking a closer look, I expect to hear from former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke on some of the initiatives that he and his organization are taking and I understand that there’s a handful of other speakers that are coming out already. There’s people out front, starting to gather to get excited and really just to champion the cause of election audits election integrity, and really most importantly election transparency, they want to know what transpired. So that’s going to be taking place here at the Capitol local time from noon to 1:30.

This was the big breakthrough for “we’re actually moving forward with something” and we really need to see how the counties respond. Obviously, we’ve seen in Arizona how the county really obstructed and was not favorable. Brown County is a majority Republican county so it’ll be interesting to see how that Republican county responds as compared to the Republican Maricopa County, in Arizona, and then Milwaukee is a Democrat County and we don’t know how they’re going to respond yet we’ll have to see if they accept the subpoena and allow the audit to go forward without a challenge or if there will be some litigation, they’ll have to plan for that and then, of course, the election committee will have to get the auditor’s in place, finish the contracts, move forward with logistics of “are they going to be in County facilities?” Of course, Maricopa County in Arizona didn’t allow them to conduct the audit in the county facilities so they had to find another location. So it remains to be seen whether that’s going to happen here or if the counties will let them use their facilities so there’s a lot of logistics and moving pieces that need to happen but I imagine it will happen pretty quickly and hopefully we’ll see something, maybe in 30 days.